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Top Tree Service Keywords For SEO

One of the most important components of search engine optimization (SEO) is keyword research. You need to know what people are searching for so that you can optimize your website for keywords that will actually drive valuable traffic.

Based on our research (reviewing the historic trends on Google, Yahoo and Bing), we have developed a list of the most commonly searched keywords for the tree service industry.

We optimize your website content to match these keywords that people are using to search online for tree service companies.  We also take it one step further by adding your service area + keyword. For example if a tree service contractor is located in Atlanta, we would optimize the page for “Atlanta tree service”.

Keywords Monthly Search Volume
arborist 33,100
tree service 14,800
stump grinder 22,200
tree removal 12,100
tree trimming 6,600
stump remover 9,900
tree removal service 4,400
stump removal 5,400
stump grinding 4,400
tree trimmer 3,600
tree pruning 4,400
tree cutting 4,400
tree removal cost 2,900
tree services 3,600
tree trimming service 2,400
tree cutting service 2,400
tree trimmers 1,900
tree doctor 2,400
tree pruner 2,900
tree surgeon 12,100
stump grinders 1,600
affordable tree service 1,600
certified arborist 1,300
tree cutting services 1,600
tree cutter 2,400
cutting down trees 1,900
arborists 1,600
tree pruning service 590
trimming trees 720
tree companies 590
tree stump grinder 1,300
stump removal cost 880
stump grinding cost 720
tree service company 590
tree pruners 880
cost of tree removal 880
tree cutters 1,000
emergency tree removal 590
tree trimming cost 590
tree trimming companies 480
tree maintenance 720
how much does it cost to cut down a tree 590
tree work 880
tree care service 480
tree stump grinding 590
tree arborist 880
tree removal services 590
arborist site 590
tree removal prices 480
tree specialist 720
how much to cut down a tree 590
tree pruning company 390
tree and stump removal 480
professional tree service 320
local tree service 320
tree removals 480
emergency tree removal service 320
tree trimming services 390
tree service removal company 390
tree service removal 320
cost to remove a tree 390
stump grinding service 320
tree stump service 260
tree stump removal service 260
trees removal 260
cost to remove tree 260
tree care company 260
tree care companies 210
tree doctors 480
trim trees 260
tree care services 320
tree removal costs 260
tree limb removal 260
tree pruning services 260
best tree service 210
cheap tree removal 320

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